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May 11, 2021
"Oh So Disappointed in O'Charley's Birthday Bomb"
Good evening,
I first want to say, I give reviews as I feel they are very relevant, I enjoy giving good ones rather than the bad, but I must give this review.

First it was my Birthday, I ordered May 1st 2021 we had planned to order at another place that didn't deliver and had car trouble. So we push through that and since we had eaten at the Restaurant located in Goodlettsville, TN we figured they are Always good, so this is a good substitute We ordered from the O'Charley's located at:
2792 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville, TN *******

Well we ordered The Chicken & Honey, with Mashed potatoes and Broccoli, through door dash.
The food came in the time they stated.
I first want to say, that this food was so bad, it almost seemed intentional because I couldn't see how any cook or chef could make mistakes like this.
1.The Broccoli tasted like it had be shaken in a box of Salt. My Tongue literally felt Burnt,
2.The Chicken was very Salty
3.The Strawberry tea literally tasted like Syrup that you would use to flavor another drink. It couldn't be drank.
4.The dressing for the salad(Ranch) tasted like water had been poured into it, it was tasteless.
5.The Cheese cake looked Okay, but Cheese cake Strawberries, were like water and they had a Smell to them.
I literally didn't get to eat my Birthday meal; I was so disappointed, and my Husband was furious, and wanted to call, but I just couldn't allow them to Rob me of the Rest of my Birthday Celebration.
So I decided to write this Review today. May 2nd 2021


Mrs. S. Davis
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